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May 2005

Who I am

Who I am

Who I am

. . .Or should that read "Who am I?"

Human? Yes.

Civilised? I'd like to think so. I'm not a Christian but lots of people confuse being a Christian with being civilised, as in "I'm not a Christian but I live by Christian ideals." I suppose it is a way of explaining to a Westerner what is implied, but Christianity hasn't got the monopoly and neither, in my mind, is it civilised. But I respect the theological views and good intentions.

Sane? As anyone can be, I guess (manic laughter).

Tolerant? I try very hard to be.

Fair? My life revolves around this word. It's what I am. If I'm not, tell me!

Open and honest? To (everyone else) the point of having no secrets (other than the ones I don't know I've got) and no cards up my sleeve. Therefore, to quote uncivilised people: "I have no power". Who wants effing power? I'm content as I am.

Clever? No. At least not in the sense that most people associate with being clever: cunning and deceitful. Or is that just the cynic in me?

I have a fantastic wife, Elizabeth, and we have two children. April and Ricky. I was going to form a band with my son 'cause I thought "Ricky Martin and his Dad" sounded really uncool, but he's formed "Under Five Nine" with some friends at university, because they all are (and being unable to play an instrument or sing well might go against me too).

Liz and I have both been married before. I have two daughters, Andrea and Jane, and Liz has a son and two daughters, Mark, Nicola and Clare. We also now have seven grandchildren between us. My youngest daughter, April, works with me, which is quite nice.

Education. Infants and junior schooling at Northgate, Bishop's Stortford (Hertfordshire), senior school was Bishop's Stortford Boys High School (it only changed it's name to this just before I left). I was in short trousers until the Christmas of my third year! About the last person left in the school not in long trousers. Imagine my credibility! However, I went straight from that into none uniform gear and wore a knitted tie that I'd knitted myself. We're talking about the '60s now.

Ware College also had the pleasure of my presence on a three-year block-release course that earned me a City & Guilds in Printing Craft and a few years later I took a one-year full-time ToPS course there and gained an A in A-level Art and another City & Guilds but this time in Graphic Design.

Loads more to come yet . .


Copyright Terry Martin, May 2005