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May 2005




Well, if I'd said 'security' you wouldn't have come here to investigate!

Back in the heyday of the original Punk movement my father-in-law offered me some part-time work as a guard for ESS security covering events at The Lyceum in the Strand (now converted back into a theatre I think - there were no seats there at all) and the Hammersmith Odeon, not to mention two gigs at Wembley Stadium (David Bowie and Dylan).

I ran a mobile disco at the time and, as a DJ, wasn't really into punk, but I was converted straight away. The rawness and energy had me hooked.

Highlights: Blondie at Hammersmith where Debbie Harrie complained during the interval that we weren't allowing the crowd to come forward. Me grabbing hold of a skinhead by the arm to stop him and not being able to get both hands round his bicep! He did stop though. Turning away Mark Knopler from a Lyceum gig because he didn't have a backstage pass. Turning away Bruce Foxton (part of The Jam). Telling Harvey Goldsmith (he was the promoter, but I didn't know what he looked like at the time) to get out of the box as he didn't have a ticket! Seeing Talking Heads at the Lyceum - they'd flown over from the States to do a special one-off promotional gig - blew me away. Having David Coverdale (Whitesnake) put his foot on my head while I was watching the audience from the pit. Seeing Edd Banger 'canned' off the stage within five minutes - they were full cans too. Being offered a spliff by one of the Skids when I was on the dressing room doors. Meeting Paula Yates when the Boomtown Rats were at the Lyceum.

And loads more . . .

Copyright Terry Martin, October 2005