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If you came here to find out about me I'm not sure you've come to the right place. Facebook and all the other social media gizmos probably do that better, but what you will find here are little bits of family history and some of my writings that don't appear in print or ebooks elsewhere.

While I love the internet, I still want to read real books and magazines. one of the reasons I produced Murky Depths (concieved in 2006 with a promo edition and first published proper in September 2007which won the Best Magazine Periodical at the 2010 British Fantasy Awards.For those ignorant of Murky Depths it was a quarterly anthology magazine mixing short stories with short comic stories. Art featured heavily with commissioned pieces for each story. So it was a place for writers and artists to show what they could do. Unfortunately it wasn't given the support it deserved and, while perceived as a success (reaching Issue #18), it never broke even.

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